Board of Directors

Meet our board, a team of exceptional individuals who guide the Fred Weber family of companies and services. Each professional brings his or her unique talents to the task.


  • Douglas K. Weible
    Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer
  • Dale C. Hoette
  • Robert J. Golterman


  • Roger L. Gagliano
    President of Operations, Chief Operating Officer
  • Christopher L. Gottman
    President, Texas Region
  • Konn E. Wilson
    President, Business Development

  • Wendy C. Alexander
    Senior Vice President, Financial Management & Asst. Secretary
  • Julie L. Shields
    Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Corporate Secretary
  • Deborah A. Puyear
    Vice President, Corporate Services & Treasurer

  • Paul E. Robinson
    Vice President, Operations
  • Phillip C. Hagemann
    Chief Information Officer

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