Asphalt Milling & Paving

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Fred Weber can provide turnkey service for all of your asphalt needs. We perform both mill and fill and full depth asphalt paving. We have the experience and equipment to install parking lots, side roads, subdivisions, or state highways. From start to finish, no job is too big or too small. Fred Weber can handle the entire process.

  • Asphalt milling — We offer a full range of services from profile milling to correct cross slope or rutting to full-depth milling for pavement removals.
  • Quality control — We are experts in County and State mix designs, including SUPERPAVE, production testing and field adjustments, and on-site troubleshooting of product placement and density.
  • Commitment to recycling — Our rotomills reclaim thousands of tons per year of Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP) for use at each of our asphalt plants.
  • Job site paving preparation — Our crews excel in removing existing materials and readying the job site for paving using a fleet of skid steer rotomills, sweepers and water trucks.

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