We are committed.

Fred Weber, Inc. is committed to preserving the environment through our dedication to compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and through our continual efforts to minimize our impacts on our environment and make our operations more sustainable.

We are continually seeking new ways to evaluate our impacts on our neighbors and surrounding environment and have developed an Environmental Management System, supported by a web-based Compliance Management System. In addition, we have formed an External Advisory Committee, demonstrating our commitment to being a good neighbor. Also, we value our natural resources and make it priority to practice good stewardship such as utilizing landfill gas and numerous recycling programs.

We have been recognized at state and national levels by government agencies as well as trade associations for our efforts in preserving the environment. Fred Weber's environmental managers and landfill operations have received numerous awards for environmental achievement, leadership and innovation. In 2006 our North Stone location was awarded the National Stone, Sand and Gravel Association’s (NSSGA) Bronze Environmental Excellence Award (formerly the Environmental Eagles). In 2007 North Stone and Iron Mountain Trap Rock achieved the NSSGA's Silver Environmental Excellence Award.


According to the Missouri Waste Composition Study from 1997:

  • 37% of the materials currently land filled are recyclable
  • 22% is contributed by Construction, Demolition and Landscaping Debris (CDL)
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