EZ Street® Premium Cold Mix

Permanently repair asphalt and more with a paradigm-shifting cold patch mix.

Experience the difference

Traffic-ready, right out of the bag

EZ Street is guaranteed to forever fix potholes, utility cuts, edge overlays and virtually everything asphalt – while saving you 72% over conventional hot mixes.

There’s no mixing or tack coat required. Just open the bag, pour, spread, compact with a tire or shovel and it’s immediately ready for the road.

That’s why it’s called EZ Street.

State DOTs across the country use this as their primary “throw and go” solution thanks to a first-of-its kind polyvinyl bag that prevents breakage and extends stockpile life, involves minimal labor, and can be applied in any weather condition.

EZ Street Cold Asphalt is scientifically designed to improve cohesion, adhesion, and water resistance.

What else makes our premium cold mix superior to other solutions? Download our brochure.

EZ Street Differentiators

  • Guaranteed permanent
  • Works in all weather. Even water.
  • Instantly ready for traffic
  • Consumer lab tested & approved
  • DOT certified

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