Safety Programs

We have implemented several programs and procedures to ensure that every employee is equipped with the knowledge and resources to establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace Program

Every employee participates in our Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace program. In 2007 a total of 1311 in-house tests were performed with a positive rate of .80%, a testament to the effectiveness of our program. In fact, Fred Weber, Inc. has been asked to present its policy to industry representatives at an upcoming MSHA conference.

New Orientation Program

Each new employee receives an intensive new employee orientation that covers company safety policies and procedures, followed by a written test.

Certification Programs

All construction supervisors receive a bi-annual, OSHA 10 hour training course and an annual 8-hour refresher course on various site-specific topics. In addition, all mining employees receive an annual MSHA refresher training of 8 hours, participate in regular on-site specific training conducted by the Safety Department, and take part in weekly "Toolbox Talks".

Subcontractor Compliance

The belief in protecting employees also extends to subcontractors through training sessions on Fred Weber policies and procedures. Subcontractors are thoroughly evaluated, continuously monitored for safe practices, and carefully reviewed prior to signing contracts.

Safety Inspections

Jobsite superintendents perform daily inspections as well as monthly written inspections. Also, safety department personnel conduct regular "Walkthroughs" on all jobsites. The safety department holds a monthly safety meeting at each construction job site and all facilities monthly.

Safety Talk Incentive Program

The purpose of this program is to encourage that weekly safety talks are held on every Fred Weber, Inc. project and location. It is company policy for every project and/or location to conduct and document at least one safety meeting per week. The safety talk incentive helps motivate the supervisors to conduct a relevant safety talk each week, and for the craft employees to encourage the supervisor to conduct the safety talk. To encourage this, Fred Weber, Inc. Safety Committees have adopted the Safety Talk Incentive Program as means to accomplish the above.

  • After each month, a drawing is held to select twelve (12) safety talk forms for the month.
  • Four (4) supervisory employees who conducted and submitted the safety talk form will receive a $50.00 gift certificate.
  • Eight (8) non-supervisory employees who attended and signed the safety talk form will receive a $50.00 gift certificate.
Near Miss Incentive Program

Fred Weber, Inc. believes in advancing safety by learning from our experiences. One of the most beneficial tools is the Near Miss reporting procedure whereby incidents that did not result in damage or injury, but potentially could have, should be reported allowing the incident to be investigated and corrective actions taken before any further incidents occur. To encourage the use of the Near Miss Program, every program participant receives a baseball cap to wear showing his participation. A $50 "Near Miss of the Quarter" award is presented to the near miss selected by the safety committee members that provides the most proactive preventative measure. A $200 "Near Miss of the Year" award is presented to the near miss selected by the safety committee members of the four quarterly winners.

Fred Weber, Inc. Safety Leadership Awards Program

The management of Fred Weber, Inc. places the highest priority on safety, knowing that the company’s greatest strengths are training, knowledge and experience. It wants to reward those who have shown through their actions of leading by example, even if it’s not the most popular thing to do, by establishing the Fred Weber Sr. and James R. Andrews Safety Leadership Awards. These awards are designed to recognize supervisory and non-supervisory employees each year. The Fred Weber Sr. Leadership Award (named after the founder of Fred Weber, Inc.) is awarded to supervisory employees, and the James R. Andrews Leadership Award (named after the company’s first safety director) is awarded to non-supervisory employees. Any Fred Weber Inc. employee can be nominated for a Safety Leadership Award. Anyone who violates the Fred Weber Inc. Alcohol/Drug Free Workplace Policy during the current award year or receives a written safety reprimand with time off from work is not eligible for an award.

The company designates a day each year where a company-wide safety meeting is held by all supervisors for the purpose of handing out nomination forms. Each person nominated is evaluated and voted on by the respective safety committees, including the past year winners who select winners in the following categories:

  • Construction/Corporate Services Supervisory & Non-Supervisory
  • Material Services Supervisory & Non-Supervisory
Construction/Corporate Services and Material Services Safety Incentive Programs

This program, drafted by the Construction/Corporate Services Safety Committee and the Material Services Safety Committees, encourages and rewards employees to perform their work in a safe manner to prevent injuries to themselves and all fellow employees. All employees working a minimum of 1000 hours are eligible for an annual safety incentive award of their choosing from the yearly brochure. To maintain their eligibility, employees must follow established safety policies, report all incidents in a timely manner, and work in a manner that prevents personal injury.

Safety Slogan Incentive Program

Once a year employees are given the opportunity to submit Safety Slogans for each month. The members of the existing Safety Committees vote on the best monthly slogan. The employee who submits the monthly winning slogan receives a $50 gift certificate, and the winning slogans are printed on the company calendar.

Safety Slogan Winners for 2010

  • January
    "Let Safety win in 2010!"
    Terry Croxford, Bluff City Minerals
  • February
    “Safety glasses; all in favor say eye”
    Dereck Rodrique, Crown Excel Disposal
  • March
    “When you gamble with Safety, you bet your life"                                                                                                                                      Rick Kennedy, Material Services
  • April
    "If you gamble with safety you bet your life"                                                                                                                                               Ronny Griffin, Material Services
  • May
    "Chance takers are accident makers"                                                                                                                                                        Mark Durand, Material Services
  • June
    "Before you do it, take time to think through it"                                                                                                                                    Michael Murphy, Material Services
  • July
    "Make Safety a reality, not a FATALITY!"
    Mark Durand, Material Services
  • August
    "Safety is as easy as ABC - Always Be Careful"                                                                                                                                      Janet Yates, Quality Sand
  • September
    “Safety comes in cans…I can, you can, we all can”
    Michael Murphy, Material Services
  • October
    “Turn your attention to accident prevention”
    Janet Yates, Quality Sand
  • November
    “SAFETY = A Continuous Feast”
    Tom Davis, Bluff City Minerals
  • December
    “Last month of the year:  Working Safely got us here”
    Jim Bobbitt, Material Services
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